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playdis was founded in 2011.
We are an award winning music company working at the intersections of sound & vision, concept & emotion, the lush & the raw.

Collaborating with world class talent, we are specialized in original composition, songwriting, music supervision, licensing, voice production & sound design from early mood searches to the final mix.


From independent short film to international commercials, our goal is to make things shine. We believe in the power of music, its emotional immediacy, its ability to find our inner selves & to bring us all together.


playdis | plâ’dis | like “display”,
but the other way round.

The 4 Dimensions of Music & Film

1: The Sound

In the beginning, there is a story. We have a one-dimensional timeline, knowing where the story starts & where it ends. While gathering all conceptual & creative input, we arrange a sound palette that corresponds to the aesthetics and feel in general. Just as if we would pick certain colours before painting a picture.



2: The Music

The second stage is about writing & recording the actual composition. We create mood & momentum with melody, harmony, pace & rhythm across the timeline. Putting notes, breaks, low & high points in places where they make the story & images flow. Perhaps writing lyrics, a vocal hook or a string arrangement that would add another emotional layer – be it euphoric, contemplative, silly, funny or sad.

3: The Sonics

In the third stage we want to zoom in & out – like in 3D. We focus on the subtext, the air between the notes, the clever bits, the mix. Adding nuances & tiny sprinkles that latch onto the pores of the images, immersing every grain, beat and moment of the film in sound (& silence), bringing depth to the picture & the elements closer together.

By the end of this process, the music no longer lies under the film, it has organically merged with the film into something that has a life of its own.

4: The Magic

We now arrive at a stage where anything is possible – something instant that only the lucky combination of film & sound can evoke. It could be a lasting, memorable experience or a “wow” that is hard to explain – something like that feeling you get when you miss that last stair in the dark.

For inquiries get in touch! We love to listen to your ideas & to find solutions for your projects – at every scale (we have an archive too). Or come by for a coffee at our offices in Berlin & Stuttgart!