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playdis was founded in 2011.
We are an award winning music company

working at the intersections of sound & vision,

concept & emotion, the lush & the raw.

Bridging the gap between the visual and the the auditory world, we are specialized in original composition, songwriting, music supervision, licensing, voice production & sound design from early mood searches to the final mix.

We believe in the power of music, its emotional immediacy, its ability to find our inner selves & to bring us all together.


playdis | plâ’dis | like “display”,
but the other way round.

The 4 Dimensions of Music & Film

1: The Sound

In the beginning, there is a story. We have a one-dimensional timeline, knowing where the story starts & where it ends. While gathering all conceptual & creative input, we arrange a sound palette that corresponds to the aesthetics and feel in general. Just as if we would pick certain colours before painting a picture.



2: The Music

The second stage is about writing & recording the actual composition. We create mood & momentum with melody, harmony, pace & rhythm across the timeline. Putting notes, breaks, low & high points in places where they make the story & images flow. Perhaps writing lyrics, a vocal hook or a string arrangement that would add another emotional layer – be it euphoric, contemplative, silly, funny or sad.

3: The Sonics

In the third stage we want to zoom in & out – like in 3D. We focus on the subtext, the air between the notes, the clever bits, the mix. Adding nuances & tiny sprinkles that latch onto the pores of the images, immersing every grain, beat and moment of the film in sound (& silence), bringing depth to the picture & the elements closer together.

By the end of this process, the music no longer lies under the film, it has organically merged with the film into something that has a life of its own.

4: The Magic

We now arrive at a stage where anything is possible – something instant that only the lucky combination of film & sound can evoke. It could be a lasting, memorable experience or a “wow” that is hard to explain – something like that feeling you get when you miss that last stair in the dark.

For inquiries get in touch! We love to listen to your ideas & to find solutions for your projects – at every scale (we have an archive too). Or come by for a coffee at our offices in Berlin & Stuttgart!